A home you control from your phone

Smart home technology throughout


Have you ever gone on holiday and wondered if you’ve left the heating on? Or wished you could dim the lights without getting up from your sofa? Well, these are just a couple of things you won’t have to worry about if you move in to Old Mustard Mews.

A revolutionary wireless system that lets you automate all aspects of your home. Through your smartphone, you can control your electrical devices, your lights, your music, your alarm. Almost anything.

A host, personal assistant and security guard

It also keeps your Old Mustard Mews house safe by warning you about open windows, smoke, running taps, irons that have been left on, the lot. It will then do something about it like turn off the iron or stop your water supply.

It’s a system that’s designed to work in harmony with your lifestyle, taking care of you, your family and your home. And it comes as standard.