Hotfoot it to one of our homes

State of the art underfloor heating


When we were designing Old Mustard Mews we wanted to install the very best form of heating. So we’ve installed state-of-the-art underfloor heating as standard. It’s more efficient, gives you more control over temperature and eliminates cold spots.

Floors retain heat far better than traditional radiators and so it takes less energy to maintain a warm house. In fact, it is estimated you can keep your boiler two degrees cooler and still achieve the same levels of comfort as traditional central heating.

As an added bonus, with no unsightly radiators attached to the walls, you can decorate and furnish your home and with far greater freedom.


A smarter way to control your heating

We also use a zone-controlled system to heat all floors in the house, with each room having its own thermostat, also controllable from your smartphone.